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Needs sound...

Some really good animating here... alot better than most flashes... but no sound of any sort really takes away from what it could have been... also it didnt make much sense to me... *scratches head*

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Wow... simply amazing

Very impressive animation, your style and camera movements are just awesome..... the timing with the music was very well done... 5/5 10/10! Backgrounds were very well done and fluid with the movement of the character... very impressive :)

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Hahahaha... that was great man.... Nice animating, humor was great, and the music all fit perfectly lol can't wait for the next one

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Nicely Drawn, but short

It looks nice, and animation isnt bad..... but it's too short and not much happens... Expand apon this and make more happen within it... the character designs are intresting and compelling, so if you spent alot of time to make a plot, and animate it all you could be lookin at front page imho

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Mobbsy responds:

this wasn't intended to be submitted, its only 1/16th as good as it could have been, please, try and blam it. (it was submitted to annoy me)


Graphics look great... but.. it was too short.. and did'nt really seem to make too much sense.. ^^;

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Amazing Collab

That was awesome.. I loved all the styles and it was all very well done.... Really liked the light saber scene hehehe One of the best massacre flash's ive seen :D 10/10

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Pretty Funny

I rather liked it... altho i agree that it is an overused style.. and it could have alot more to it.. but i loved how it was a fake kick ass fight then jumped to the "real" fight XD wasent expecting that

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5 out of 5 =)

Excellent movie! Cant wait to see more movies from legendary frog! :D I love the story espically legolas.. hahahaa "My love for you is like my quiver of arrows... Never Ending" Hahaha XD Genius :D

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